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HBIS Delivering Vanadium Tool Steel to World’s Leading Manufacturer of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet materials

HBIS has delivered 600tons of its Vanadium tool steel to a world’s top rare earth permanent magnet material producer-- Ningbo Yunsheng Co.Ltd and the test results show that all client requirements are met. This HBIS steel will be used to manufacture spring and bearing parts.

HBIS has been working to improve the product structure and client structure by engaging leading clients, downstream of the industry and providing high end products. HBIS assigns sales teams to visit clients, survey the market to fully understand the market demands to provide diversified, designated high quality premium products. Winning a contract, HBIS develops a specific solution, including element control and optimization of rolling procedures. Technicians are assigned in whole process to guarantee a high quality and high efficiency delivery.               

Ningbo Yunsheng Co.Ltd is now one of world’s leading rare earth permanent magnet material manufacturers and also a major supplier of new energy automobile, wind turbine and inverter airconditioner industry.