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HBIS Delivers World Leading Vanadium & Titainium Products

November 19, HBIS used its New Three-Step technology to produce 2 tons of V2O5 and delivered to a manufacturer in aerospace industry. Based on Three-Step production of tablet vanadium pioneered in China, HBIS continues to develop its New Three-Step V2O5 facility. Line No.1 has been in operation for 6 months and its Vanadium recovery rate, production volume and energy consumption readings are all leading in the world.  

HBIS owns a state level Vanadium & Titainium Industry Base in Chengde city, in which HBIS could upgrade its Three-Step Vanadium production facility and extend its industrial chain to lead the high end, green and intelligent development.  

Beating competitors, HBIS new facility could produce general purpose (98%) and aerospace purpose (99% and above) V2O5, achieving a 30% higher daily production rate. The products owns high purity, high stable quality, high & low temperature tolerance and high corrosion resistance capabilities. Its fuel gas and energy consumption rate is 15% lower than traditional approach. This technology owns high recovery rate, low energy consumption, highly automatic and low cost advantages and makes green production, green development achievable.