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HBIS Project Wins 2021 Excellent Case Award of International Image Construction of Chinese Enterprises

December 6, directed by CPC Publicity Department, SASAC and ACFIC, CIPG held the 2021 Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit in Beijing. The summit published the winner projects of 2021, the 4th Chinese Enterprise Image Competition. 1825 days on the Banks of the Danube from HBIS wins the “Cross-cultural integration” Award.

1825 days on the Banks of the Danube includes the 4 chapters of responsibility, spirits, friendship and the future. It vividly presents the practical measures and touching stories that the management team of HBIS Serbia company has taken to establish a responsible and trustworthy image of Chinese enterprises in Serbia. 

In the past five years, HBIS has kept in mind the earnest instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection of HBIS. It has fully mobilized and comprehensively allocated HBIS superior resources such as technology, management and market, and constructed a multi-dimensional support platform to make the enterprise regain its vitality.  With HBIS Local Employees, Local Benefits and Local Culture Strategies, HBIS Serbia Company is making rapid growth and has become the biggest exporter of Serbia Republic since 2018 and an iconic project of Belt & Road Initiative.

In July 2021, SASAC News Center, CIPG International Development Center, CIPG Culture Promotion Center jointly launched the 2021, the Fourth Chinese Enterprise Global Image Competition with this year’s title of Sharing the Fate · Power of Enterprises. The contending projects provided their international images, sustainable development, experiences and case studies to give potential assistance to all Chinese enterprises. After the preliminary review and final review, out 162 cases, 72 cases won Co-existance with Nature Awards, Overseas Social Responsibility Awards, Merger & Culture Awards and Awards of International Image Promotion & Innovation. HBIS is the only winner of all Chinese steel manufactures and will be promoted in the Mirco Exhibition of Chinese Enterprises.