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HBIS Successfully Produces its First 3D Printing Stainless Steel Powder

HBIS Additive Manufacturing & Metallurgical Powder Project, first phase, has successfully produced its first stainless powder used to 3D printing. It is the first high end 3D printing metallurgical powder project of HBIS with the annual capacity of 100 tons for printing, 200tons for Laser Cladding to promote HBIS to gain more market.

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is a scientific and technological system that directly manufactures parts driven by 3D data of parts based on the principle of discretization and stacking. It is known as one of the key technologies leading the "Third Industrial Revolution".The high precision features of 3D printing raises high demands to its materials, including the chemical and dimensional stability. At this moment, the Chinese 3D printing is still relying on foreign powders, which has become a bottleneck to further development and applications of the technology. 

The project applies the advanced VIGA vacuum heating atomization system to integrate the smelting, atomization and screening procedures and the partical ranges is 15-53μm. It coud produce mould steel, high temperature alloy, aluminium alloy powders and iron, nickel and cabalt laser cladding materials. The products could be used to manufacture equipment parts in aerospace industry and laser cladding welding materials in metallurgical industry.

The R&D of additive manufacturing and metallurgical powder and their industrial applications focus on manufacturing and metal powder material manufacturing technology and product research and development, new materials development strategy driven by HBIS innovation practice, targeting high-end front, focus on increasing material manufacture special material system research and development, powder preparation technology, material manufacturing printing technology research and application technology and so on, to realize localization of high-end metal powder, to improve the domestications of the high metallurgical powder, additive manufacturing equipment and their research institutions. It will also promote HBIS new materials in the market.