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HBIS Won 2021 China Extraordinary Steel Enterprise Brand

May 10th was the fifth China Brands Day and China Steel News announced the 2021 Top China Steel BrandsHBIS was awarded “2021 China Extraordinary Steel Enterprise Brand”. 

Led by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Eraand implemented the new development concepts, HBIS coordinates the prevention, control of Covid-19 and development of enterprise, continues to upgrade itself. HBIS is making progress in international, high end, intelligent and diversified development and achieves "acceleration" of high-quality development. HBIS brand image and social influence have been greatly improved.

HBIS Group Chairman Yu Yong won the election again to be the Chairman of World Steel Association. HBIS promoted to launched the World Steel Development Research Institute (WSDRI) to take the responsibility of healthy development of world steel industry and promote a sustainable growth.

HBIS fulfills its historical duties and responsibilities, firmly maintain a high degree of consistency with the CPC Central Committee, implements Hebei CPC Committee and provincial Government decisions by performing HBIS Tangsteel New Plant project, HBIS Shisteel New Plant Project, has achieved major progress in regional adjustment, transformation and upgrading.

HBIS continues to improve market structure and client structure and develops leading, unique and import replacing products. HBIS develops more and more champion products and has become China’s largest household appliance steel strip supplier and second largest automobile steel suppler. HBIS is also a leading supplier of ocean engineering steel, bridge steel. 

HBIS has worked hard to foster and develop strategic emerging industries, improved the industrial structure, created new forms of business for the digital economy, expanded additive manufacturing, smart factories and other fields, and coordinated new steps have been taken in the industrial chain to transform the "follower" of traditional industries into the "leader" of emerging industries.

China Steel News is a major professional media selecting the important steel brands in China steel industry. In the 2021 campaign, HBIS Tangsteel and HBIS Hansteel were both selected as "2021 China Excellent Steel Enterprise Brand", and HBIS Mining was selected as "2021 China Excellent Iron and Steel Supplier".