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The Top Domestic Marine Engineering Plates from HBIS used to China’s Largest Multi-Purpose Oceanographic Scientific Ship

April 12, HBIS top level Marine engineering FH690 plates won CSIC bids to build China’s largest displacement, the strongest performance of the comprehensive Marine scientific research ship. Those plates will be used to build the key parts of the ship.

HBIS has been improving the product structure and client structures and leading the development of ocean engineering steel. Following the client demands of high strength and high welding capabilities, HBIS teams work closely with the clients to develop new materials and promote the markets. By taking full advantages of HBIS R&D Institutions, HBIS is winning more diversified material markets with its champion products. HBIS is delivering high quality and high-performance materials to key national projects including high strength and extremely harsh weather ship steel. HBIS formed a research team to design exclusive R&D and production schemes, which solved the problems such as the difficult shape and performance control in the production process. The strength, impact, welding and other performance indexes of the top-grade Marine steel plate FH690 reached the requirements of the relevant national classification society, and met the requirements of the project.

HBIS high strength 420-690MPa Marine engineering plates, semicircle plates for self-elevated ocean platform leg posts, rack plates type A514GrQA517GrQ, high energy welding plates, hatch coaming plates for container ships, crack arrest plates for ship decks, ocean oil rig plates have won the qualifications of important shipping societies, including ABS and DNV. They are also the first domestically manufactured such materials in the country.