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6000tons of HBIS Vanadium Steel Building the World’s First large Span Series Cable Stayed Bridge

Zhuhai Honghe Bridge, the world’s first large span series cable stayed bridge, has successfully commenced its service.  During its construction, HBIS delivered more than 6000tons of its high strength anti-seismic wires to strengthen the great bridge.

HBIS deeply focuses on the "market" and "product", targets the high-end market and high-end customers, and makes precise efforts to seize the construction opportunities of national and regional key projects, and constantly improves the market competitiveness and efficiency ability with high-quality products.The sales team engages client material procurement teams, prefabricated structure teams HBIS’steel passed the tests and received the qualifications. For HongHe bridge is located in the Marine environment, against typhoon, earthquake resistance, and high requirement of the collision, anticorrosion ability, Vanadium and Titanium products full release the capability of corrosion resistance, all the characteristics of earthquake resistant, high strength, actively provide the best for the project construction material and use plan, ensure the products with high quality and efficient delivery customers.

Honghe Bridge is a Major State Project in Thirteenth-Five-Year-Plan and is a golden channel connecting the east and west part of Zhuhai City.