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German Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Buying HBIS High Strength Steel For Hydrogenation Reactors

March 17, HBIS delivered its high strength plates, type SA-533Gr.BCL.2 hydrogenation ractor steel plates, to a Shanghai client. Eventually, these plate will be used to a renowned German manufacturer to build its high-end heavy equipment, which is the first ever equipment using Chinese steel plates. HBIS finally breaks the market dominance of its US.and European competitors in this field and improves the domestication of Chinese equipment materials.  

High strength hydrogenation ractor plates have high standard production requirements and only a few steel are capable of making them.

Focusing on upgrading its product structures and client structures, HBIS has been improving its product quality and performances. By integrating its production, sales, R&D and application teams, HBIS has successfully developed single Champion products. Besides existing high strength hydrogenation ractor plates, HBIS project team cooperates with domestic client teams to develop solutions to the meet the requirements of the new materials. Aiming at the problems in the industry, such as the low temperature impact performance of the material far exceeding the requirements of the international standard and the internal performance of the steel plate is easy to fluctuate, the production process was optimized to ensure that in addition to the conventional properties such as high corrosion resistance, the low temperature impact performance of the product was nearly twice higher than the standard, and the delivery time was shortened one month than the original delivery time.