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Instead of Import,HBIS High Strength Shipping Building Pressure Containing Steel Making Exclusive Sales to LPG Ship “Surui 199”

March 25, Surui 199 LPG ship formally commenced its commercial service after series of trials in Sounthern China. HBIS is an exclusive supplier of around 1000tons of high strength pressure containing, high thickness & width plates, to build the LPG tanks, beating all foreign competitors. 

Surui 199 adopts an atmaspheric and full pressure design. Its large weight and size raise its building materials to an extreme level, particularly, LPG tanks. The design requirements of extension rates, impact resistance capabilities are far higher than national standards. The customer originally planned to use imported steel material.   

Focusing on markets and products, HBIS takes full advantages of its globalized R&D platforms and develops innovated high quality Champion Products. In view of customer requirements, HBIS made in-depth contact with the project designer and manufacturer, and proposed a solution that ensured product performance to meet the requirements, the delivery time was at least one month shorter than that of imports, which won customer recognition.