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HBIS successfully developes the domestic thickest high-grade steel for hydropower

S460N steel, the 288mm thickness high end hydropower plates developed by HBIS, has delivered to the client 20 days ahead of its contract terms. The product is the thickest high-grade hydroelectric steel in China, which will be used to make the seat ring of a giant generator set, a key part of the key equipment of a well-known hydroelectric project abroad.

HBIS has been upgrading its product structures and client structures. By taking full advantages of its products, markets, technology and R&D, HBIS has win high end hydropower clients with its high end products and making good revenues. HBIS works closely with a major Chinese hydropower equipment manufacturer and successfully develops the thickest hydropower steel plate S460N. Already, S460N has been applied in multiple domestic pumped storage power stations, including Zhejiang Changlong Project, Liangning Qingyuan Project, Fujian Xiamen Project. 

The new project is constructed at a depth of 800 meters underground and the technical conditions such as the thickness, performance inspection and defect detection of the key equipment are beyond the domestic standards, HBIS sets up a special team to solve the industrial problems such as the low pass rate and unstable performance of the defect detection, and successfully meets the customer needs.