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HBIS Announces its Low Carbon & Green Development Action Plan

March 12, HBIS announced its Low Carbon & Green Development Action Plan (The Plan) and setup its carbon peaking and carbon neutralization goals. By the low carbon road path, HBIS carbon emission will peak in 2022 and by 2025, it will cut more than 10% of carbon emission. 2030, 30% of carbon will be reduced. 2050, carbon neutralization.

HBIS is one of the world’s largest steel producers and has always uphold the concept of "harmonious coexistence of human, steel and environment". By taking its SOE responsibilities and following the strategy of making green steel for the mankind, HBIS has invested over RMB20.3billion covering 430 energy conservation and environmental protection projects and made great achievements. It has built the world’s cleanest steel mill, and implemented the world’s first hydrogen energy development and pilot project. HBIS has been leading the green steel manufacturing and enhancing its international influences. It is now a respected steel producer by the world steel community and Chairman Yu Yong became the Chairman of World’s Steel Association in October 2019 and won his second term for the office in October 2020.   

Implement its the new vision on developmentHBIS has always paid high attention to and actively promoted and led green development, transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, and taken the lead in exploring and implementing green transformation in China.2020, HBIS developed the world’s first Direct reduction of iron ore by hydrogen-rich gases pilot project in Zhang Jiakou, Hebei Province, adopting distributed & green energy application, low cost hydrogen production, hydrogen direct reduction, and CO2 removal, to explore the best way for the world steel industry to develop low carbon or even zero carbon economy, and build "future factory".

The Plan shows HBIS low carbon & green development roadmap and technology plans. First, optimize its industrial layout and structural reform to pursue the carbon reduction; Second, optimize a diversified energy system; Third, establish a full-life valuation system for extending the service life of steel materials; Fourth, build low carbon circular economy industry chain for achieving collaborative carbon reduction; Fifth, boost the demonstration and application of low-carbon technologies by scientific and technological innovation; Sixth, advocate low-carbon production.  

In order to ensure the smooth realization of the target,HBIS has established and improved the system and mechanism and formulated the safeguard measures.First, we will improve the system for supporting independent innovation.Second, we will improve the standard system for managing carbon emissions.Third, we will improve the carbon financial trading system.Fourth, expand cross-industry exchanges and cooperation.Fifth, we will improve the incentive mechanism.Sixth, we will improve the organization leadership system to support low-carbon and green development.Seventh, we will set up specialized research institutions for low-carbon and green development.Eighth, we will strengthen policy support for carbon reduction.Ninth, we will strengthen the development of qualified personnel.Ten is to strengthen the awareness of low carbon publicity and carbon emission reduction.